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Getting a new puppy is one of the most exciting times in your life and here at Leeds Leads we can support you before your new arrival is home by offering advice, hints and tips when you need them.

Our puppy services give you peace of mind that your new family member will be well looked after when you can't be at home with them to give them the attention, stimulation and loving care that they require. 

The first few weeks of your puppy being in their new home tend to be the most challenging, implementing training, socialising, getting to grips with the smells and sounds of the outside world. Leeds Leads Pet Care are available from the day your new pup arrives home to adulthood to help you and your new family member along their journey.


Its vital that puppies are introduced to as many things as possible in their first few months to help them along the way to becoming a confident, happy, well rounded dog. We implement a variety of activities on our Puppy Visits to give them a many new experiences as possible before they join the adult group walks, these include short walks, puppy playtime with other puppies or older dogs, basic training, games and toys and much more.


During our visit we clean up any little accidents they may have had and ensure they have the food, water and companionship they need so you come home to a much happier and well rounded puppy.


We do Puppy Walks (14-16 weeks to 7 months old) which last 30 - 40 minutes with the other puppies and some of the Mobile Day Care dogs so they get their crucial socialising done without overdoing it on a full walk.

Once your puppy is old enough, anything from 7/8 months, they can graduate onto the group walks with the other dogs so their social skills can develop even more so you have a perfect companion in years to come.

Puppy Visits

30 - 40 minute visit at the home,

Suitable for puppies aged 8 week up to 6 months.

Playtime, feeding, clean up, basic training included.

Puppy Walk

30 - 40 minute visit at the home,

Suitable for puppies aged 14 week up to 7 months.

Playtime with other puppies and social adult dogs, feeding, clean up, basic training included.

Warm water wash down after walk if required.

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