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At Leeds Leads we aim to provide walks for every type of dog and their differing energy levels and requirements.


Before any walking takes place Leeds Leads like to meet you and your dog on a free consultation to discuss their likes, dislikes, temperament, social skills and behaviours; so we can provide them with the best possible care.


We aim to make every walk as stimulating as possible, mentally and physically, so your dog is exercised in every way; this includes games such as treat snuffling in long grass and hide & seek with their walker and basic obedience training during walks.


Our walks are over varied terrain, from woodlands to fields, countryside to parks so our regular walkers don't get bored of visiting the same place everyday and we make sure each dog gets some individual attention during each walk, whether thats in the form of cuddles, playtime or some extra treats.


Leeds Leads guarantee your dog will return happy, relaxed, content and tired after their time with us.


Treats, water and a warm water clean down with our special dog washers are included with all our walks.


We keep all dogs on lead to begin with until trust and recall has been established. Written off lead permission is required from owner.

A walk with up to 6 dogs in total.


Varied locations.


Games & treats included.


Specially selected groups.

Warm water wash down included.

Walk duration is 1 hour

Time out of house is 2 - 3 hours.

Discount for multiple dog households.


Only one dog on the walk.

Varied locations.

Games & treats included.

Time spend at home either side including cuddles or indoor play.

Warm water wash down if required.

Walk duration is flexible to suit requirements, booked in 15 minute slots.

Time out of the house is flexible.

Discount for multiple dog households.


Shorter walks on easy terrain.

Time spent at home either side of walk for cuddles and attention.

Warm water wash down if required, due to the nature of the elderly walks they tend to stay quite clean.

Walk duration 20-30 minute maximum.

Smaller groups - 4 maximum

Discount for multiple dog households.

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